Why Kingston lawyers are TERRIFIED?!!

I have to admit, it was not easy getting here, specifically, the journey of bringing free legal support to all Jamaica households.  I had the idea, and I knew I wanted to do it properly and share it with everyone. So here is the story of the journey.

Returning Residents

First, I thought of all the legal problems I experienced as a returning resident 🧳🚶‍♀️✈️when I lived in Jamaica and then I thought of others who had similar stories and also different kinds. So, I started making contact with people, allowing them to share their stories, leaving no details. I have to admit, most of the stories were heartbreaking.

My Legal Stories and Others

The stories ranged from people borrowing money and not paying back (personal loans), building with family/partner, then being deceived and having no legal right to the property, nightmare tenancy with no rental agreement in place, family dying leaving no will, or the issue of having family legally holding property temporarily for them with no power of attorney document in place.

After listening to all the sorrows and even shedding a tear 😢, I realized, what we all had in common, and what we didn’t… and those, were CONTRACTS!

Time to Act

So to stop the cycle of torment and anguish, I felt compelled to do something RADICAL 💪. Something no one has ever done before, something that would empower the nation and impact lives and hopefully the justice system for ever.

Legal Strategy

I would hire a lawyer/ legal person in Kingston to build all these contracts, create a website, publish them on the site, and then distribute them for absolutely FREE!

Sounds easy enough right? Well, not exactly. I got to the first step and then I was ghosted 😲😏 🤨 😐.

To be honest with you, I never told the individual, why I needed all these contracts made. I cannot say for sure why he did that, why do you think this happened? Please let me know in the comments below.

So I decided to take another approach.

This time, I hired multiple lawyers in multiple parishes 💪. Each given a specific task, and none of them aware of the other, or each other’s task. To build a specific contract, and tell me everything in the law concerning that specific contract.

And so, signherejm.com was born.

The Contracts

The contracts 📝 that are being made, are mostly for the Parish Civil Court for small claims where ordinary people are representing themselves on cases that could have simply been avoided with the use of a contract. This is to avoid conflict of interest with lawyers.

This website is not about replacing lawyers, but to bring awareness of the cycle of problems we are facing as a country and to familiarize and desensitize people to the idea of seeking legal help and having signed contracts in place before things go horribly wrong.

My Legal Hope

My wish and hope 🌠, is for people to consult a lawyer regarding matters of money or property changing hands before they take that first step.

Trust your lawyer, seek their advice, they went to school all these years so they can help people like me and you.

What is stopping you? May be the money barrier relating to lawyers. But let me assure you, nothing is cheaper than having the right documents and lawyer in place before you make that big mistake, which some of us are still suffering from.

Your Lawyer’s Journey

Did you know lawyers have to have a bachelors in Law and then complete law school before they are able to practice?

Some did not have this so easy, some were not able to go straight into a law degree because of several reasons, mainly because of lack of space at a university like UWI, so in the meanwhile, most pursue a bachelors in a writing major such as philosophy, history or literature. Before they are actually able to pursue a law degree, and that is just step number 1.

The way I see it, lawyers and contracts were created for a reason, finding a good lawyer, will be beneficial to you, they have the ability to be the champion you require, when and hopefully before things go wrong. But ultimately you are the super hero of your own story. You must take the first step.

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